Arm Extended Plank

Fast High Knees

High Knees

Jumping Sumo Squat

Leg Raise

Prisoner Lunge


Ski Squat

Reverse Lunge Knee Drive

Weighted Y Raise

Bear Crawl with Jump

Burpee with Jump

Foot Raise Plank

Jump Squat

Knee Plank


Prisoner Squat

Renegade Row

Reverse Lunge with Floor Touch

Beginner Burpee

Jumping Lunge

Knee Press Up

Press Up

Side Lunge

Supine Raise

Renegade Row Off the Knee

Reverse Lunge

Warm Up

Alternate Leg Extension

Bear Crawl

Cat Stretch

Dumbbell Lunges

Dumbbell Sumo Squats


Forward Lunge Right

Hip Raise

Kettle Bell Swing

Kettle bell Lunges

Kneeling Lunges

Lunge with Knee Lift

Mountain Climbers

Prisoner Sumo Squats


Prisoner Squat

Resistance Band Lunge and Twist

Resistance Band Seated Adduction

Running on the Spot

Renegade Row

Resistance Band Tricep Kickback

Side Plank Raises

Squat with arm raise

Step ups

Side Lunge

Spider Crunch

Wide Squat, normal squat to narrow squat

Arm Raised Plank


Close Grip Press Up

Dumbbell Pulsing Lunges

Dead Lift with Band

Foot Raised Plank

Hamstring Pushup

Jumping Lunges

Kettle bell Squat

Kneeling Band

Kneeling Arm Raises

Lunge Matrix


Prisoner Lunge

Pushup Beginner

Press Up on Knees

Resistance Band Single Shoulder Press

Resistance Band Squat with Bicep Curl

Russian Twists

Reverse Lunge

Single Leg Raises

Static Plank Reach

Ski lunge

Side Leg Raise

Seated Leg Raise

Tricep Dips

Y & T Raise

Band Upright Row

Burpee 2

Donkey Kicks

Dumbbell Reverse Lunge

Dumbbell Squat

Forward Lunge Left

Heel Drops

Jumping Squat

Kettle bell Sumo Squats

Kettle bell Reverse Lunge

Leg Raises

Mini Crunch

Prisoner Reverse Lunge

Pulsing Lunges

Push Up Advanced

Reverse Lunge Right

Russian Twists DB

Reverse Lunge Left

Resistance Band Squat with Arm Raise

Reverse Lunge Floor Touch

Single Leg supine bridge


Squat hold

Single leg glute raise

Seated Band Row

Wide Leg Squat